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Cigar lighters come in all shapes, sizes and styles, and they are one of the most important accessories for any serious cigar aficionado.(read entire article)
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A cigar box can come in many shapes and sizes, and hold anywhere from five or six items to a complete collection containing hundreds of cigars.(read entire article)
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Now that you have a new hookah, and you're enjoying the fine smoking sensations of this unique water pipe, it's time to consider something you may not have thought about before: maintenance.(read entire article)
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1. There's no mystery to picking a pipe. Style and shape don't affect the smoke. But, since it does take some experience to judge a briar, stick with a well-recognized brand.(read entire article)
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Way back in year 1910, The Board of United States General Appraisers held that cigarette cases are not "articles of personal adornment." They claimed that cigarette cases are items you carry in your pocket for convenience and utility(read entire article)
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Cigars are comprised of surprisingly few component parts. Unlike cigarettes, which usually have filters, two different kinds and colors of paper, and filler ingredients other than tobacco, cigars are all tobacco.(read entire article)
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