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Articles Home-&-Family Tobacciana

By: admin
1. There's no mystery to picking a pipe. Style and shape don't affect the smoke. But, since it does take some experience to judge a briar, stick with a well-recognized brand.

2. Fill the bowl only 1/3 full the first few times. Smoke to the bottom. Then, smoke 2/3 full and so on.

3. Smoke your new pipe only once a day for the first week. Get to know it gradually.

4. Pack your pipe firmly. Neither too tight, nor too loose.

5. Light your pipe twice. After the first light, tamp down 1/4". Light up a second time. Cover the bowl and draw in. This spreads the embers for an even light.

6. To keep your pipe lit, tamp down the tobacco ash frequently.

7. Run a pipe cleaner through your pipe after every smoke. Occasionally dip the pipe cleaner in pipe refresher.
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