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By: admin
Dissertation is one of the most vital projects during the whole period of your study. Some students believe that dissertation is just another academic paper, which differs just in terms of scope and has the same structure as the term paper and essay have. However, one should not forget that dissertation should include one important part that is absent in other academic papers- this part is thesis. The purpose of it, apart from stating your main contention, is to show the reader that you have made some research and have made some contribution to the knowledge on this subject. Your contribution to the knowledge is evaluated by the answers to the main problem of your research.

Remember, that your tutor already knows much on the subject of your research, and his main task to teach you how to gain some new knowledge, using existing resources and published sources. In order however to present your dissertation thesis, one should back your contention up with references. One should show that you use reputable sources and that the problem is worth your research and has not been answered previously. I would like to single out this particular phrase - "has not been answered," because the problem or at least similar question might have been researched, however no definite answer on the problem so far has been obtained. Your purpose is to provide this answer in your dissertation thesis.

Certainly if you already study at Graduate school, you dissertation thesis may not be the first thesis you encounter; you might have already developed and defended your master thesis. However, this kind of thesis differs in many respects from dissertation thesis. You should understand that whereas your master thesis represented succinct statement of the major points of your argument, your dissertation thesis should reveal some new knowledge on existing problem. In spite of the fact that thesis writing is one of the most common assignments, many students still can not understand why it is necessary to complete it. What is the main purpose of this type of academic project? Regardless whether it is a dissertation thesis, or master thesis, one of the main purposes of this assignment is to teach students to develop their presentation and persuasive skills, valuable skills for any career. In today's modern world you will have to provide succinct and persuasive information on some important aspects.

Undoubtedly it is worth your while to study how to develop your arguments and defend them, while you study at the school. Do not succumb to common and wrong mistake - thinking that it is possible to acquire these skills at your job place. Certainly, at your work you will acquire some skills, experience and knowledge, you have not acquired at the University, however, the period of your study at the college and the university represents the best time for this acquirement.
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