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Gardening is fun and rewarding and may be considered a hobby, talent or both and sometimes it's just luck. Gardening is not as easy as it looks and involves dedication, time and consistency and many trials and errors.(read entire article)
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Many of us flip through garden magazines, all the while thinking that it takes years, a professional, or tons of money to landscape the gardens featured in the glossy pictures. This isn't necessarily true.(read entire article)
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Flowers Truly Reach Your Soul. Flowers are a heartfelt, natural way to lift our spirits. They can provide a smile for a tired face or brighten a room for a convalescent.(read entire article)
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Give the same plants to several people, you will see several arrangements. Each one distinct and different, yet, using the same plants. This is the ultimate reward of gardening -- a means to express, to create with the help and inspiration(read entire article)
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Ah, to this day I still remember my first gardening experience. It was such a disaster that I didn't think I would ever want to garden again. I almost decided to turn my casual hobby into the most rage-inducing topic you could possibly bring up to me.(read entire article)
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