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By: admin
Good luck? Maybe you have heard that luck doesn't exist, but you can see that some people seem to always have better things happen to them than others. Whatever you call it, would you like to have the secrets that these people have? Here is one of them.

Be In The Right Place For Good Luck

Good luck is often the result of simply being in the right place at the right time. Fortunately, you can choose to be in these places at these times.

A friend once told me "Did you see that truck John bought for $2,000? It must be worth at least $6,000. He's so lucky!" I mentioned to my friend that John bought it at an auction, where cars often sell for less. In other words, he was in the right place.

"I went to that auction once," my friend answered, "but I didn't see any deals like that." John goes almost every other week, I told him. Of course he's more likely to be there at the right time to get the best deals. He's so lucky that way.

That's the whole lesson, but in case it didn't sink in, I'll ask a few questions to encourage you to apply it in your own life.

Where are you more likely to get a "lucky break" as a movie star: in Clinton, Ohio, or Hollywood?

Do once-a-year or every-weekend fishermen have more luck catching big fish?

Will you have better luck in love at a party, or staying home to watch TV?

If you want to be a great skier, should you move to Alabama or Colorado?

Good Luck Places

I could talk all the time about investing in real estate, and have nothing come of it. On the other hand, when I recently went to a meeting of the local real estate investors association and mentioned I was looking for a fixer-upper to invest in, it took just three days for someone to call me with a deal. Lucky people go where the action is.

This really is a simple secret. To apply it, start with a pen and paper and answer the question, "What good things would you like to happen in your life?" Then make a list of places where these things are more likely to happen. Then go to these places. Then repeat the whole process and while you are at it, apply the other secrets of good luck.
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