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By: admin
When attending bartending school, a student must learn a wide variety of things in order to become a good bartender. In addition to learning how to make drinks, there are several other areas of bar tending that often go unnoticed.

Of course, drink making is of the top priority. After all, people are quite picky about their drinks. And, since purchasing alcohol from a tavern or other venue is generally somewhat expensive, people expect to get quality. In addition, a bar tender that serves great drinks will make more money in the form of tips.

As such, the primary focus of bartending school is to teach how to accurately mix and create a number of different drinks. In order to pass the examinations of bartending school, students have to be able to create a number of different drinks upon request and without referring back to a book or to notes.

Flair is also an important component of bartending. Therefore, some bartending schools will actually teach the students how to tend bar with style and with pizzazz.

Bartenders are also responsible for keeping everything behind the bar neat and orderly. Therefore, bartending school teaches students how to set up the bar, how to keep the alcohol fresh, and how to make sure everything else is neat and sanitary.

Customer relations is another important aspect of bartending. Therefore, students are taught customer skill. In addition, they are taught how to recognize when someone has had too much to drink or when someone might need to be removed from the bar.

Since bartenders are responsible for taking money from customers and providing them with correct change, cash handling is also covered in bartending school. The faster the student is able to complete transactions, the happier his or her patrons will be! Customers don't want to have to wait anymore than they have to.
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