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By: admin
Some students spend too much time studying because they did not take the time to learn what was being taught in class the first time. If you follow these four tips, you will learn how to understand each lesson being taught in class so you will not have to put in extra time studying. This does not mean you will not have to study, but this will become a guide so you can use your time wisely. While you are in class, sit back and learn as much as you can and you will almost certainly get better grades and have more free time.

1. If possible, try to sit near the front to eliminate distractions. Teachers will probably not have a problem accommodating you if you ask them to sit you in a specific location in order to help you focus.

2. Avoid distractions such as chatting with friends, looking around the room, doodling, dozing, and daydreaming. Keep busy by participating in the discussion, asking or answering questions, and taking notes.

3. Contribute to classroom discussions. Raising your hand and offering your thoughts or ideas will help the discussion progress, make the teacher notice that you are actively taking a role in your education, and finally, help you sort out what you do and don't know or fully understand. Try not to feel intimidated about raising your hand and answering questions. Start offering answers to questions or topics that you feel comfortable with and eventually this will become a habit. Eventually you will build enough confidence to contribute on a regular basis.

4. Listen not only to what the teacher is saying but to what your classmates are contributing to the discussing. You can learn a lot by listening to your peers.
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