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By: admin
Life is full of many important decisions, not the least of which is what kind of education you will receive and what kind of educational choices are best for you. If it is true that education in the means to freedom, which I believe that it is, then what kind of education you choose is extremely important in determining what kind of life you will have. The same is true when you are deciding about what seminary is right for you.

Having thoughts of going to seminary reflects a lot of previous decisions that you have already made about the kind of person you want to be and the kind of life you want to lead. In fact, your desire for seminary means a lot of things about you, probably more than you even realize. But don't let the fact that you're on the right track hinder you from realizing the supreme importance of what seminary you choose for your next step of education.

Before you begin to research any particular seminary, it is a good idea to sit down and make a list of your priorities in the decision making process. For example, deciding whether location is more important to you than theological association is a very important decision to be made. If you want to stay within your home state or within your denomination for your seminary training than your options will be narrowed immediately and your choice will be much easier. So take a look at your priorities for your seminary education and let that lead you in the process.

Once you have learned what is most important to you, then don't compromise when looking for those things. Continue searching with patience and preseverance until you find a seminary that matches the very things you want. Realize too, however, that you may have to compromise on some aspects of your choice. So be willing to be flexible on things that are not as important to you.

Choosing a seminary will likely influence the rest of your life. So take your time and make the decision with care. Know yourself and your educational and life goals before you jump into anything. A wise seminary choice will be reflected by great success once you arrive to begin taking classes. Talk with friends and professors for suggestions, but ultimately you must be ready to make the decision for yourself.
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