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By: admin
Have you ever screamed at the television or radio? These days, Americans have plenty to be outraged about... and if you've ever asked yourself the above question, you're definitely not alone. The question is: what are we going to do about it?

I've noticed a lot of disturbing trends in our country today, and it leads me to believe the United States we know is disappearing - and might not survive the next few decades. Consider this:

- The war in Iraq that began in 2003 cost us far more than money. In addition to billions of American dollars, we lost troops, stable gas prices, and respect in the eyes of the world.

- Political correctness is no longer a plea for equality. Instead, it has become a tool for the greedy to gain more money, more influence, and more power - and our court system constantly condones this farce.

- We are creating a generation of losers with the current view that children are all "winners." We are failing our kids by refusing to teach them how to lose.

- Violent crimes and frivolous lawsuits have never been more prevalent than they are today. We are becoming a nation of selfish, ego-centric backbiters with nothing better to do than attack each other... whatever happened to "United We Stand"?

- The rest of the world is laughing at us. The once-proud America has become little more than a joke, an example of democracy turning on itself, with our freedom to choose becoming the freedom to act like morons.

Pick up any newspaper, listen to any news broadcast, or browse any newsfeed on any website, and you will find examples of Americans behaving badly. This rampant display runs from the average citizen right through the top levels of American politics. The worst factor in the decay of America is our general belief that we must stand by and watch it happen, because there isn't anything we can do about it.

I believe that notion is wrong. Outraged Americans are currently the silent majority, but there is no reason for us to remain silent any longer. Our political leaders are no longer inaccessible. With the technology every American has available at their fingertips - email and the Internet - we can reach out and be heard. We can once again become One Nation, Under God. That's right... I said "God."

Your voice does not have to go unheard. You can contact your local congressmen and representatives, get your community involved, and demand that they bring your America back. You can put a stop to the politically correct idiocy, and raise your children to be strong and intelligent. Our Constitution gives you the power to change things. You don't have to wait, when you can instigate.

So, the next time you feel the urge to scream at your television or radio, ask yourself this question: Are you going to sit around and complain, or get up and do something about it?
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