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By: admin
1. He made no charges for His services, but he healed the multitudes without medicine (Matthew 8-16-17; 12:14-15; Luke 6:16-18).

2. He never wrote a book, yet many thousands of books have been written about Him (cf. John 21:24-25).

3. He never wrote a song, yet He has furnished more song themes than all the songwriters combined (cf. 2 Chronicles 20:21; Psalm 21:12).

4. He never founded a college, yet all the schools together cannot boast of as many students as He has (Matthew 28:18-20; Acts 19:9-11; Romans 1:7-9).

5. He never practiced medicine, yet He has healed more broken hearts than doctors have broken bodies (Psalm 147:2-4).

6. He never marshalled an army, drafted a soldier, or fired a gun, yet no leader ever commanded so great a multitude of volunteers (Matthew 11:28).

Great men have come and gone, yet He lives on (Hebrews 7:25). Herod could not kill Him (Matthew 2:13-16), Satan could not seduce Him (Matthew 4:1-110, and the grave could not hold Him (Matthew 28:6).

Many have faltered, failed, and faded away, but not Jesus. He is the friend of sinners (Matthew 11:19; Luke 7:34).

- Samuel Porter Jones
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