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Are you the type of avid reader who enjoys keeping a couple, maybe even a couple dozen, reading options handy at all times? E-readers were made for you.

E-readers' screens are more eye-friendly than those of do-everything tablets like iPads. And there's another key advantage to e-readers -- fewer distractions. There are no notifications, social media, games or e-mail.

While the screens of phones and tablets emit light to create bright, clear images, those of e-readers, such as Kindle, direct light toward the screen instead of sending it outward. Eye strain is lessened, and the e-e-readers typically are easy to view even when in direct sunlight.

Amazon remains the e-reader leader. By 2022, the company was on the 11th version of the Kindle Paperwhite, which was updated the year before. The price is about $140, with slightly more expensive and less pricey versions also available.

With a Kindle, you can tap into the Amazon library to purchase and store online books. While companies such as Apple offer bookstores, those are not available on Kindle devices.

There are also non-Kindle e-readers, like the Clara HD by Kobo. The company has its own e-book store. You can't reach the Amazon bookstore through a Kobo device, but you can get books through software such as OverDrive, which is used by many library systems. A Clara HD is available for about $118 from online sites such as Walmart.

Bonus tip: Do you ever want to read the classics, for free? Project Gutenberg makes it possible, providing digital versions of books whose copyright status allows free distribution. Visit gutenberg.org for details and how to browse the library.
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