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By: admin
With the help of a locator app on a mobile phone, parents can be aware of just about anywhere their family members roam -- assuming families have reviewed and accepted the app's policies.

While some might find this concept intrusive, these apps can be helpful for busy schedules or a comfort during troubling times, late nights or long trips. Here are a few of the top locator apps on the market and what they do.


The premium version of Life360 can tell you where your family members' phones are at any given moment. Notifications about events like a child arriving at school are easy to receive.


The free Glympse app lets friends and loved ones know your travel status, so you never have to worry if you're running late. They'll know. Users can send a Glympse alert to anyone with a web-enabled device.


Know where your friend or family member is at any moment. The iSharing app provides real-time alerts when someone leaves home, work or school. In-app messaging is just one of the features, some of which are only available in the premium version.
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