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By: admin
Andre 'Mac Dre' Hicks was born on the fifth of July 1970 in Oakland, he grew up in Vallejo, California and lived there most of his life.

In 1989 Mac Dre released his first album, an EP titled 'Young Black Brotha'. It had 4 tracks on it and one track, the ironicly titled 'Too Hard for the F---in Radio', started getting air play in North Californian radio stations. In 1991 Mac Dre returned with 'California Livin'' and by the time he released his third album 'What's Really Goin On' (1992) his music was being played all over Vallejo and even northern California for that matter.

In clubs and people's cars, it looked like Mac Dre was going to reach the big time. But his hopes and dreams were snatched away from him after he was sent to prison when the police believed he was behind a few bank robberies. Mac Dre was followed 300 miles by police from the Bay Area to Fresno, and his friend was wired and recorded a conversation in which he started asking Mac Dre about the bank robberies. He was sentenced to five years inprisonment in 1992 for this but he wasn't done making albums yet. 'Back N Da Hood' was his fourth album, an EP which was recorded from the Fresno County Jail by phone. The album shows that Mac Dre didn't need lots of takes to have a song the way he wants it. In the same year he recorded some more songs over the phone and his record company made an album from them and some of his previously-released songs called 'Young Black Brotha: The Album'.

Mac Dre was released in 1995. He got on his compilation 'The Rompilation' which was released under his new record company 'Romp Records' and sold over 60,000 copies, in 'The Rompalation' Mac Dre appears on eight tracks alongside some of his 'homies' such as Mac Mall, Da Unda dog and JT the Bigga Figga. After his release he started working like crazy on his albums averaging on two albums a year. His first solo release after his release from jail was called 'Stupid Doo Doo Dumb', the very same year he released 'Don't Hate the Player, Hate the Game'. In the next three years that followed he released 11 albums; the latest of them, 'Thizzelle Washington', got him the most fans and respect. In 2003 he made 'A Boo Boo' which was a CD with a free DVD, and he released a DVD called 'Treal TV'. His fans loved the DVD as it opened a window into how he lived his life.

If you ask a fan of Mac Dre what's Mac Dre's best album they are likly to say 'all of them', this shows the consistincy of his work it was all fantastic. His career in rap was not a fair one though -- he never got the commercial praise he definatly deserved. In 2004 Mac Dre released three albums 'Genie of the Lamp', 'Ronald Dregan: Dreganomics' and 'The Game is thick, Vol 2'. These albums had North California buzzing with excitment they thought this would be the man to put the spotlight back on West Coast rap. But it would not come to be.

On November 1st, 2004, Mac Dre was victim of a drive-by shooting on Highway 71, Kansas City. The incident happened just after a concert he was doing in Kansas. The shooting was a shock -- fans in Kansas enjoyed the show, and certainly no one from Kansas had any right to shoot a North Californian rapper as the Kansas City rap scene was getting respect and money from that area. When Mac Dre's mother, Wanda Salvatto, heard about the shooting she did not believe it. This was because she was told previously her son was dead from an overdose of drugs but yet he was fine; other Vallejo residents did not believe this either and were shocked and sad when they heard that it was true. Mac Dre was buried at Moutain View Cemetary, Oakland, CA.

Mac Dre has many die-hard fans and still gains new ones too, with his posthumous releases. 'Da US Open' is a collaboration between Mac Dre and Mac Mall in which they pick up the alter egos 'Andre Macassi' and 'Mall Macenroe'. Later 'Money iz Motive' was released, it wasn't a Mac Dre solo but an album made by the 'Cutthoat Committee' which Mac Dre was a part of. Mac Dre's record label 'Thizz Entertainment' also has some unreleased Mac Dre material in their vaults.

To Mac Dre's fans he will always be the best rapper from the 'Bay Area'. RIP Andre 'Mac Dre' Hicks.
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