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By: admin
So you want to draw a cartoon baby, do you? Well, let me show you how. The process is simple. First, create a rough sketch. Next, draw in some details. Third, clean up the draft and finally color it in. Sound simple. Well, it is. If you have any kind of talent with art you'll be the proud parent of your very own cartoon baby in no time

When you decide that you want to create a cartoon baby the most important thing to do is create a rough sketch. A rough sketch will allow you to get a feel for the design without taking hours to draw it. If you decide you want to change your design you just change your sketch without throwing away all those hours of work. I recommend that you try several designs and then choose the one that you like the best.

After you have the general design you should add the detail to your cartoon baby. It is helpful to make photocopies of your rough design so that you can try different variations to give you cartoon baby a character of its own. As you go through designs, save the old ones; they might be useful with other projects.

When the details are done clean up the draft. If you are working on paper trace your draft so that the lines are clean. If you want to digitize your cartoon baby this is a good time to do so. Once it is digitized make sure it looks exactly the way you want it to look before you move on.

Finally you can color your cartoon baby. Here again it is wise to make copies of your artwork and try different colors schemes. Try lots of different color combinations. The more combinations you try, the better your final color selection will be. Color selection is best done on the computer. Once the character is digitized you can change the colors with the click of a button.

That's it, now you have your own cartoon baby. How do feel to be the world newest cartoon parent? Okay, so he doesn't do much. He just sits there. If you want to bring your cartoon baby to life you have to animate him. I will give you the basic steps to do this, but if you need more information I have a great article on how to do that in flash. Bringing your cartoon baby to life is just a matter of dissecting him (I know that sounds gruesome, but it has to be done). What I mean is that you have to draw his body parts in many different positions. For example, if I wanted to draw his head in many positions such as: from the side, looking at me, and half-way in between each of these positions. I would do this so that when it became time to animate my cartoon baby, all I would need to do is put that the appropriate pieces together to make the baby appear to move its head.

After all of the parts are drawn in the various positions you need to make a story line for your character. If this is your first cartoon creation, make the story simple. Comic strips are excellent examples of simple story lines, because they are depicted in just a few frames and generally can be easily animated. Once you have your story you can actually start the actual animating.

Now you know the process involved in creating your own cartoon baby. I wish you the best of luck in all of baby creations.
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