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By: admin
Have you ever been to Romania? If not you should, in fact everybody should, simply because it's really beautiful and you can see a lot of things, like the castle Dracula lived in, the Black Sea where pirates used to hunt down every ship that passed by.

Romania has a lot of cool places to visit, but in my opinion the most beautiful of them all are the parks of Bucharest, the capital city on a hot summer day. Why is that you might wonder? Well let me tell you -- Romania has the most beautiful girls you have ever seen, and in the summer they all go out in parks to hang around! It's like a paradise on earth, you will be amazed and dazzled by the variety and beauty of them. If you are a girl, let me tell you that the boys are worthwhile too. ;)

Other absolutely magnificent places to visit are the Romania's unique beaches. The sand is delicate, the sea is hot and not very salty and the beaches are full with people. An interesting phenomenon has been happening in the past few years, more and more girls go to the beach topless, so there is beauty to be admired everywhere. Don't miss your chance to have a vacation in paradise -- visit Romania in the summer and you won't be sorry!

If you go during the winter it isn't that bad either. The mountains are superb and there are a lot of resorts to accommodate even the picky ones. Going skying is something a lot of people practice in the Romanian mountains, and Brasov is one of it's leading mountain resorts.

One more thing that will make your trip easier and more pleasant: many Romanians speak English, so there is little chance to get lost no matter where you are.

Make your vacation memorable and visit Romania!
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