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By: admin
Your vacation is planned, you're packed, but do you have everything you'll need? If you were going on a road trip, it would be wise to download a map and directions to any destinations you aren't familiar with. Some overseas trips require a visa and immunizations. You can leave for your vacation with confidence and prepared for anything just by taking a few precautions and hints.

Don't over pack. Know what your route is, and what you'll be doing when you get to your destination. If you know there will be dressy events, bring a fancy outfit. If you know you'll be casual all the way, then why bother?

Know the climate of your destination. If you are going to the desert, is it necessary to carry an umbrella? It's probably not. If it's warm in the day and much cooler at night, consider layers that you can add or take off to adjust to the changing temperatures.

Do your packing around a main coordinating color. Neutral colors, black, or khaki are colors that you can dress up or down, add color, and accessorize for different days or unexpected events. Remember darker colors and prints are less likely to show dirt.

Choose your clothes carefully. Select several different layers and colors that will pack easily. Make sure these items can be washed and dried quickly. Avoid taking bulky sweaters and heavy coats if several layers will be enough. You can always add different belts, jewelry, or scarves to change the looks of an outfit.

Never take more than five or six changes of clothes. Make them interchangeable and durable and you will save space and have room for an article of clothing you might find while on vacation.

Packing for a child is similar to packing for an adult. One step you might want to consider is putting each outfit into a large zipper close bag so it's easy for your child to choose which outfit he or she wants to wear.

Let your child pack a small backpack with a few favorite toys and snacks that he can carry himself. Don't make it too heavy and let him or her know that they are responsible for keeping track of it. Slip in a few treats or surprises that will make your child happy during your trip. If your child will only go to sleep with a favorite toy in his hand, be sure you don't forget that!

Always be prepared with any medications they might need. If you know your child is prone to asthma attacks, be sure to bring the inhaler or breathing treatment machine. If your child had allergies to anything, bring the antidote; it may save you worry and a trip to an unfamiliar emergency room.

Electronic toys should be picked with care. Choose the ones where the sound can be turned off or earphones can be used. If you are traveling with a preteen or teenager, you may want to pack their personal CD player, or iPod with their own choice of music to keep them happy.

Some basic packing tips to remember are, stuff socks in your extra pairs of shoes; underwear in side pockets or mesh bags and protect clothes from leaks by placing all toiletry items in plastic bags.

From experience, if you are on medications and you are flying, always pack your medications, a change of underwear, toothbrush, and paste, and make up in a carry on bag and take it with you. Once you've lost your luggage once, you'll know this is one of the most important tips I could give you.

Avoid packing important items such as travel documents, medication, keys, cameras, money, or other valuables in suitcases. On flights I've been on recently, I wasn't allowed to lock our suitcases because of security risks. That also leaves your suitcase open to anyone who might want to check it out.

Be prepared for anything that might come along on your vacation, it could be an unexpected cold spell, an unexpected earache or cold or maybe luggage that gets to your destination a day later then you do. It will save you several headaches if you've planned.
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