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By: admin
Horror of Horrors! You wake up, and there he is! An intruder in your bedroom!

A small latch is fitted which would make a noise to wake you if the bedroom door was forced, but would allow emergency aid to easily shove it open. But tonight of all nights you forget both to latch it and to set the house burglar alarm.

Your dog sleeps in the bedroom with you but she is old and deaf. A bit like you -- You don't want her beaten and killed as she tries to defend you.

You must mentally rehearse and prepare for this nightmare.

Realize instantly that if he has made his way so far into your castle, your home, there is every likelihood that he is prepared to rape and murder you. It would be stupid to think otherwise. We hear of this all the time.

Therefore, you are in mortal fear for your life.

And you are fully justified in using lethal force. No matter how old or how young you are.

The police indicate this in leaflets available from them. You cannot retreat further than your home. Your bedroom is The End. There is nowhere else to go. Full Stop!

Now you must follow the appropriate course of action for which you have carefully and thoroughly prepared. You have many choices, more than can be usefully discussed here.

But whether you are 18 or 80 years old, forget about self defense techniques. I remember a young Karate 2nd Dan Black Belt on being put this problem saying you must do such-and-such a throw, such-and-such a kick, such-and-such an arm lock -- garbage! They will not work. There are indeed ways to retrieve this dreadful situation. Ways which may well even frighten such a burglar off and make him run away. But such that cannot be discussed adequately in this short article.

It is now up to you.

Pay an expert to come along, view your situation and advise you. But if he starts talking about more house alarms or self defense techniques like my young Karate friend, send him packing! Quick!
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