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By: admin
Credit problems usually result from a lack of communication between the consumer and the creditor. The consumer is not always responsible for credit problems which occur. Losses which occur due to mail, delayed payments and clerical/computer errors are the most common credit problems blamed on the creditor. Some of the prevalent reasons consumers develop credit problems are: unreported changes of address, underpayment, missed payments, and the most common of over extension of credit.

Keep addresses current with every creditor. If you are planning a move, notify your creditors beforehand. You can pick up, free of chrge, change of address cards from the post office.

If problems arise that make it impossible to make the full monthly payment, FIRST, contact your creditor, in person, by phone ,e-mail or written communications and explain the entire situation. Don't put it off until tomorrow, do it TODAY! Pay as much as possible on the account and if at all possible bring the account up to date the next month. Most creditors are willing to work with you and retain you as a customer in good standing if you advise them of the circumstances. Avoiding your creditors will cause distrust and result in unfavorable information on your credit report.

Always safeguard your cards by recording account numbers, names, addresses and phone numbers of the creditors on all credit accounts. Be sure to keep this list separate from your credit cards and always report "immediately" any loss, theft or possible misuse (within 24 hours). This will reduce the possibility of fraudulent use of your credit cards and any personal liability. The services of a credit card protection service are recommended. They will report to your creditors "immediately" the loss or theft of all your credit cards upon one single call from you. Difficulties arising from fraudulent use of stolen credit cards account for about 25% of all credit problems. Check any Bank you do business with, most offers this service.

By preventing credit problems and using your credit wisely you can actually save money. By having good credit you will benefit from lower interest rates and you can take advantage of sales and avoid future price increases.
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