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By: admin
One important part of fly fishing is the rod. A fishing rod or also called the fishing pole is always associated with the sport called angling. Choosing the right rod for your fly fishing experience is very important. The right combination of reel and rod also matters heavily as well.

There are several types of fishing rods to choose from but for fly fishing specifically, the rods are longer, thinner and more flexible. One reason why fly rods are meant to weigh light is because rods made like this are the only ones that can cast even the lightest fly. So, you have to realize that the overall characteristic of a fly rod should be lightweight. Also for casting, the line used works together with the weight of the rod, the weight of the line acts as a helper to how the rod is able to cast the fly.

Next, the material of a fly rod varies too. Most of the rods today are made of composite materials such as carbon and graphite, carbon and boron or fiberglass materials; a more innovative version compared to the original bamboo split material. As for the sizes, you have choices between the #0 sizes to the #16 ones. You'll have to decide first what size of species you want to catch, the type of water condition where you'll be fishing, the wind and of course the weight of the line before selecting the the type of rod.

The #0 rods are usually used for the smallest species from freshwater, while the #16 rods are for larger ones on saltwater seas. Also, in selecting the type of rod you want to use for fly fishing, familiarize first the parts of it because unlike other types of rod, fly rods don't have the usual handle extending just right below the reel although there are rods that have very little handle too. The reason for this is to prevent from any casting interference.

These are the primary qualities you may want to take note of before getting yourself the fly rod you want. Don't forget to make sure, above all else, that you are comfortable with the type of rod you will be using. Don't get the extremely long rod if you can't even handle it yourself.
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