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Articles Home-&-Family Parties

By: admin
By Alessandra Stanley

1. Very few of us walk into a sea of unfamiliar faces with ease or ardor, so the smoothest path in -- and out -- of a party is to grab a bottle of wine or a plate of hors d'oeuvres to pass around. You instantly have a reason to approach strangers. If they seem unfriendly or boring, move briskly to the next person.

2. If you're a guest, act like the host. If you're the host, act like a guest.

3. When you're throwing a party, be sure to invite too many people, including some you barely know. Mix up the ages and social strata, dodge difficult guests, drink, and have fun.

4. It's okay to introduce people but offer only bizarre biographical detail. ("Tom won't read any novel written before his date of birth" or "Leigh collects Soviet Christmas ornaments.")

5. Never ask people what they do for a living: They will almost certainly tell you.

6. Autobiography at a cocktail party is like onanism at an orgy.
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